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Hight Quality Swiss Movement Rolex Gmt-Master II Replica Watches For Sale

Rolex GMT-Master II Replica Watches

Duometre SphertourbillonThe brand's technical know-how is demonstrated by the Duometre Sphertourbillon. Its impressive features are numerous and include, among others: two separate movements which share a single regulating organ as well as a tourbillion with two axes of rotation. It is also the first tourbillion to allow time adjustment down to one second. This piece was embellished with several new features for the JLC novel artistic series. The case is made up of two sapphire domed domes, and the lugs are made from white gold. The dial of the white gold watch is also adorned with a variety of hand-engraved designs. Three counters on the dial have Grand Feu enamel.

Doumetre SpherotourbillonEnamelFurthermore we have another artistic interpretation of the same model, as was the case before. The entire right side of the face has been covered in a beautiful blue paillonne technique.Rolex GMT-Master II Replica Watches The artisan must chip tiny, delicate motifs from a solid block of silver to perform this extremely demanding decorative process. The dial is then polished and undergoes a heat treatment. The piece also has additional decoration. There is an enameled bezel segment of the same type as that on the dial as well as a beautiful motif inspired by those found on the Venetian Doge's Palace, which decorates the case band with a clear section.

Duometre Sphertourbillon WatchNext up, we have the final and third model which is derived from the Duometre Spherotourbillon (which, by the way, was the same as the first model of the Hybris Artistico Atmos clock that was unveiled at SIHH 2012). This model, in addition to being a pocket watch that features Duometre Sphertourbillon is heavily inspired by the vintage pocket watch of the brand from 1928. The tourbillon is positioned at the bottom of its face, which gives it a slightly unique architectonics. In this case, the tourbillon is suspended by a sapphire bridge. The dials of the three featured dials have been enameled. The dial is airy because it doesn't extend all the way up to the case. Instead, it is attached to the bezel by 12 golden attachments. The case band and bezel are both decorated with blue-enameled treatment.

Grande Reverso Tourbillon SqueletteThe second piece in this series features one of the most popular types of case from the brand - the Reverso housing. This was originally designed for polo players to allow them to rotate the dial in the opposite direction and protect it against bumps. This model not only has a tourbillon, but is also hand-finished in opulence and is completely exposed on all sides because the pivoting housing is sapphire.Rolex Replica The white gold frame of the movement features a sunburst guilloche pattern.

Master Grande Tradition Gyrotourbillon 3. Next, we have another model with a high level of technical complexity that is both appealing and difficult to produce in its "regular version". Master Grande Tradition Gyrotourbillon 3 was the first to be released last year. The flying gyrotourbillon is exceptionally light, exposing the complication to a greater extent since there is no upper bridge. It is also the first grand complication ever made to have a digital display in its stop-watch. In the Hybris Artistica Collection, the model's artistic version is even more impressive because its case is made from tantalum. This rare and difficult to process material is used in this watch.

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